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LSA Funds

A. Access to Niche and differentiating Funds

With over thirty years of combined experience in the selection and sales of external funds, LS Advisors gives you access to a unique and diversified range in open architecture. Our staff, among others, attended the launch of the first Volatility funds, Commodities and Newcits (Hedge Funds) in UCITS 3 format in France.

Based on the simple fact that it is impossible to be truly expert on all markets, LS Advisors relies on a network of American and Asian partners. These companies give us their best selection of foreign funds, which once approved by the Investment Committee of LS Advisors will be offered for subscription.

On the other hand, our selection teams identify the best global expertise on niche products (commodities, volatility, alternatives...) giving you access to management teams performing on asset categories that are under-represented in Europe. Our goal is to provide our investors with access to funds so as to build balanced and diversified portfolios that meet their needs. We are constantly adapting to reflect the changes in financial markets as well as asserted trends in the industry.

Our expertise includes the creation of tailor-made investment funds (white label) suiting your requirements with or without guarantee of capital or leverage.

B. A process of Fund selection in Open Architecture

  • Facing the exponential increase of available funds, it has become complicated to choose the appropriate investment vehicle.
  • Our task is to independently select and with the greatest efficiency the investment funds that we offer.
  • The open architecture offers the advantage of having the best available funds at our disposal for a given asset category.
  • The selected funds have been quantitatively and qualitatively analyzed as per LS Advisors investment committee.
  • The open architecture contributes essentially to our customer's portfolio optimization.

Our Services

  • Due diligence questionnaire for the selection committee and investors.
  • Customized reporting, taking into account the date of investment of each investor.
  • Tracking of referenced funds, updating the due diligence file.
  • Dedicated access to our website.
  • Specific Fund research on behalf of a client.

Independence Benefits

  • Our selection process for funds is mainly characterized by its objectivity.
  • LS Advisors does not manage any investment funds on its own: we are entirely free to choose without conflict of interest with our partners.
  • This independence is a guarantee of freedom and transparency in our investment choices.