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Institutional Mandates

Since 2006, LS Advisors has been offering in Mauritius long-term innovative investment solutions through first-class institutional managed mandates with assets under management closed to 1 billion USD.  This objective requires the finer understanding of the particular limitations of our clients, through the development of appropriate capacity and portfolio management and the priority given to knowledge and assessment of risk positions taken in each of our portfolio customers.

Our mission is to support our customers at every stage of their investment project.  We help them clarify their goals.  We present them with techniques to optimize their asset allocation strategy.  Our aim is to be responsive to queries and requests and to provide clear information.  Our sales team and managers are available for frequent and personal meetings.

Therefore, with our customers we define together:

  • the objectives of management and the type of risk the client is willing to take,
  • the categories of financial instruments that may be included in the portfolio,
  • the principles of the portfolio management mandate,
  • the duration, renewal terms and termination of the mandate,
  • the agent’s compensation, with specific guidance for calculating the variable part. 

LS Advisors Asset Management main assets:

  • Senior teams of high stability and in constant development,
  • Management with a good track record complemented by a range of innovative products to meet the changing market environment,
  • The establishment of the resources, methods and analysis tools, decision support, risk management and the most efficient reporting,
  • Personalized customer service offering.