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Our Philosophy

The dynamism of financial markets, the increasing sophistication of customer needs and loss of confidence in investment banks demand that we go beyond traditional thinking, develop new and innovative offerings and emphasise our independence.

The mix of investment banking and private banking in LS Advisors allows us to give you a clear and complete view of financial markets and for us to transform your investment limitations into practical and effective solutions.

For us, the investment idea must be born of a thorough analysis of the market and not just the characteristics of a financial product.

Our experience has enabled us to develop highly technical guarantees of reliability and control investment risk for your portfolio at a time when the sophistication of financial instruments is growing.

In addition, our consultants are trained for a global approach to markets and are therefore able to respond quickly to all your investment projects, saving time for our customers.

Finally, our independence allows us to offer the best products on the market without constraints or internal considerations: product quality, its relevance to your risk profile and global allocation are our only guides.

History, I fear, does not allow us to make predictions; but associated with independence of mind, it can help us see better.
Paul Valéry

LS Advisors - Conviction, Independence, Skill