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LSA Structured Products

A. An open Architecture Offering

With over thirty years of accumulated experience in investment consulting, LS Advisors gives you access to a unique and complete platform of structured products in open architecture.

Thanks to our know-how coming from institutional market trading floors we select the best issuers bearing in mind your needs and the best pricing available, the choice of the envelope (EMTN, warrants, certificates, funds, SPVs and Trusts ...) and the underlying assets. We also optimize the structure in terms of product performance and investment horizon. Your customization possibilities are limitless.

Creativity and understanding of the complex mechanisms behind these products are the key to the success of the creation of your product. But what differentiates us the most is definitely our extreme attention on the choice of the performance driver, and not merely the technical characteristics of the product.

We then make a subsequent tender with the largest investment banks in order to benefit from the most competitive proposals of the market in line with the customer determined specifications.

Asset Categories

  • Stocks
  • Credit
  • Rate
  • Commodities
  • Forex
  • Real Estate
  • Funds (Alternative & UCITS)
  • Hidden Assets (Volatility, Correlation, Skew…)


  • Issuing vehicle: EMTN, Warrants, Certificates, Funds, SPVs, Life Insurance and Trusts.
  • Currencies: All types of currency trading.
  • Maturity: 3 months to 15 years.
  • Minimum investment: EUR/USD 250K in primary, EU/USD 50K in secondary.
  • Investments: Private or Public Offering.
  • Depositary: White Label fund, Security Deposit or Life Insurance accounts.

B. Types of Product Offering

Guaranteed / Protected Capital
Product defined by a level of partial or total capital protection and usually by a percentage of participation in the increase of an underlying asset (other structures exist). The objective is to maximize the security of the capital (fully or partially repaid to maturity as long as the issuer does not default). In exchange the gains are often reduced by the cost of this protection.

Product that simply replicates the performance of an underlying asset in both up and down markets. One can relate them to index products (delta 1). These are often used as market entry products, namely to emerging markets or regulated asset categories (e.g. Commodities).

Product that pays regular income. A coupon is paid at intervals to be determined according to the characteristics of the product. The amount may or may not be variable. Typically this product aims to compete with credit portfolios.

Product that amplifies a variation of the underlying assets in order to achieve quick wins, but with a significant risk-taking. It can also be a product in which the invested amount is limited to the premium option without buying a bond (EMTN type) on top of the option.

Additional Services

  • Align structured products with Basel III, Solvency II and IFRS regulation requirements.
  • Possibility of listing your products and wrapping them in all types of life insurance - contract.
  • Free training of our partners to the use and understanding of derivatives and structured products.

Secondary Market

  • Valuation of your products available on Bloomberg, Reuters and Fininfo.
  • Daily & Weekly verification of valuations of the issuers.
  • Double valuation on request.
  • Regular tailor-made reporting.
  • Corporate Actions, coupons payments...
  • Monitoring of valuations and proposal of roll-over.