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Life Insurance

To meet your management needs, LS Advisors is authorized as a manager of Luxembourg life insurance contracts with local insurers.

Luxembourg Life Insurance Contracts

The Luxembourg life insurance contract is an investment shell perfectly adapted to all economic needs.

With a total availability of your savings, the Luxembourg agreement fits all situations and can be fed at the discretion of the financial possibilities of each:

  • Down payment
  • Additional payment
  • Monthly payment
  • Partial or total redemption

Signed by the insured (the investor subscriber) and an insurance company, the contract is an investment solution based on a random, namely the death of the insured. In this scenario, in case of succession, capital is transmitted to one or the beneficiaries freely designated in the contract.
Capital provided to beneficiaries are those enrolled into account at the date of death of the insured. If this amount may be lower than the premiums paid in the contract during the life of the subscriber, several companies have added a contingency option to offset a potential delta missing to the profit of the beneficiaries heirs..

Preferred placement of the French, the life insurance policy is a very flexible fiscal wrapper. It allows you to:

  • Generate tax-free income at maturity
  • Benefits from transmission rights deduction: 154,325 euros / beneficiary
  • Enjoy secure fund returns in euro
  • Dismember beneficiary clauses
  • Take advantage of investment solutions in open architecture

From 2.5 million EUR and above, the Luxembourg rules - set out in the circular letter (No. 08/1) of the CAA January 2, 2008 - allows extreme flexibility and investment, in particular, the absence of limits by the issuer and / or asset class.

Management of Life Insurance Contract

For assets above 250,000 euros, it is possible to establish Dedicated Internal Fund (FID – Fonds Internes Dédiés) which we already discussed the flexibility in terms of investment.  And for each of these funds it will be possible to set one of two types of management:

The profile management:
The subscriber can choose between 3-4 types of profils among: conservative, defensive, moderate, balanced, dynamic, and offensive. The Manager performs the financial management of the FID according to the selected profile.

"Customized" management:
The subscriber establishes its asset management criteria: overall allocation, sectorial, geographical, type of currency benchmark, specific constraints, etc. The manager is managing in accordance with the investment policy defined by the client.

As authorized Life Insurance manager, LS Advisors ltd will help you choose the support in line with your needs and implement the management method that suits you.