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LS Advisors is regulated with the AMF via ANACOFI CIF as a financial investment adviser. We are also registered insurance broker with ORIAS.

LS Advisors SAS is registered with the RCS Paris under number 538 387 564. The company is also referenced as a financial investment adviser to the ANACOFI under the number E003149.

We also have the financial seller license No. 12066536 in the Orias and realtor No. T14615.


LS Advisors is regulated by the FSC (Financial Services Commission), the umbrella organization for non-bank financial services sector in Mauritius. It was created in 2001 based on the model of the English FSA.

The FSC supervises areas such as capital markets (brokerage firms, market intermediaries, custodians, mutual funds, and settlement systems), insurance and the "global business" (offshore companies).

The functions of the commission consist of licensing, regulating and supervising the industry. Its main role is to protect the integrity and stability of these institutions in order to defend the interests of investors and customers. This reduces the risk of non compliance with laws and rules to ensure a sound financial system.

Allocation and approval of licenses

The FSC ensures skill, integrity and financial strength of the candidates. The procedure to be registered by the FSC requires that all applications are in line with the operational criteria of the FSC and present transparent and complete financial and administrative information of the corporate candidates.

Control procedures

The FSC checks all financial documents (annual reports, income statements) submitted by licensed companies to ensure that they comply with the rules and obligations, especially those concerning financial solidity.

If anomalies are detected, a compliance letter is sent, identifying problems that need to be rectified and a follow-up is made until it is corrected.

In the case of more serious offenses, other actions including revocation of the license are immediately set up.

The FSC regularly reviews the regulations and implements new compliance checks to detect fraud. This includes monitoring of market operations in cases of suspected market manipulation, insider trading, money laundering and failure to counsel concerning sale of financial products through intermediaries.

The FSC issues directives according to international regulatory standards. It promotes good governance and establishes codes of conduct in consultation with the industry.

Implementation of the law

A special unit within the FSC is responsible for monitoring non-compliant cases after investigation. It takes care of minor offenses and appeals to the Court of Justice for more serious cases after the commission has established evidence of a breach of the law.